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mber, but it turned out they had a room and a couple of shots of his own, causing them to go and we decided to have a drink there. I have the room number and told them to go forward, while I smoked more. Immediately the text back : "I want to fuck you, and do it wet. " The answer was : ". I know, and yes, I 'm soaking " entered the room immediately went to him, the and pouring drinks to see your position. I walked behind her, put my hands on her hips and said, " Do you think she is attractive, then?" " Yes," he said, " Impressive, certainly would. " Nervously, she said. " I would not say if you saw me naked " Meanwhile, I was with her hands up and down the hips and thighs. I could feel my erection of ad seen through his pants. I started kissing her neck and moved my hand higher, until my fingers were brushing her breasts and I could feel her nipples hardening. He closed his eyes and let my hands wander. He came and stood right in front of her, so she gently took my left hand and placed it on his hard cock. She started rubbing slowly, even fear. I slid my hand the top and unhooked her bra. My left hand cupped her left breast and plays with her nipple. I decided to see how much she let him, so I refuse to believe at the top who would like to go out and began to lift. Evil To my delight, holding his arms so he could slide up, bra, the lot. I was cupping both breasts before going down my right hand so you juggworld juggworld can enjoy our new friend. He held her and pinched her nipple as well. Now he was panting and rubbing his cock harder. "I think I want" I said. He opened his pants and left them and his underwear. "Taste is girl," juggworld I whisperedNo ear. He knelt down, gave me the opportunity to undress. She took his dick between her lips and began licking and teasing them. She is amazing in the oral and really bother me cummimg point of hours before the release of my sperm and drink when ready. Now naked she slipped behind on juggworld their knees and opened the button of his jeans and pulled them down. I juggworld could feel my cock pressing betwe
Quotes en the cheeks of her ass as she took boobs again. " Lie down in bed," he said. He got up, went out of her jeans and panties and was in the center of the large double bed. I gave him a condom and within seconds he had cherished and were on both sides of it, one of her nipples beautiful in each of our mouths soft plump thighs. juggworld It was really the mouth on each nipple to rotate. He raised his knees and spread her legs as she could. Now there were two guys licking pussy dripping wet now touch and both nipples and sucked. After a few minutThis could not resist and asked our friend again as I fucked her. He stood by and saw that he slipped on it and gave it to her hard and fast. Although they are probably the juggworld best sex for a long time, he said, " so if he wants sex? " " Keep your legs open girls", I replied that I felt my cum in their floods. I kept hitting until I felt my sperm leaking from her and my balls. I moved and went straight to her breasts and started sucking again. He came and knelt between her legs to the ankles and kept pushing his cock inside coated condom. As he fucked her harder and harder licked my nipples and pulled her clitoris. The idea of ​​my juggworld cum in your penis lube me hard again very quickly. He soon felt to get close to orgasm so quickly tossed his grit and sucks her tit harder. That exploded in a huge orgasm, screaming and bucking so hard that we almost threw both through the room. The juggworld orgasm seemed an eternity, last but finally calmed down as he arrived. He leaned back and eyes full of condoms with the incredibly large amount of sperm was to dive into them. Soon it filled my second batch now sore lips. I moved my semen very sweaty and filled the lady picked up his clothes and entered the small bathroom. I took off my clothes, while the new bride slipped back into his pants and lay on the bed of his hotel room and gave a little sip of his drink. We left the hotel and went home after just a word. We have not talked much about it, but our sex life has improved ten times now. I hope she is in the mood to do it again soon.


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Like many couples, we have joined a few years and the sex life was a little monotonous. Always before going to bed, lights out, while moving, etc For a while I had a dream, almost every day brings another type to spice things up. From time to time I send her dirty text tells you what I imagine they do with an extra cock filling. She replies, until I realized that I am to him, then falls silent and ignored me. My wife is a BBW, 36, 5 m tall, long dark hair brilliant and amazing in bed. It has beautiful soft round tits 42D with long hard nipples tenderness. When she gave birth by caesarean section her pussy is so tight, it's like a virgin screw 18. She is one of the most beautiful juggworld girl in general, but is very self-conscious because she thinks of herself as fat and ugly, despite getting a lot of chat time with friends. A child free afternoon we went to the local hotel in town for a drink at the bar. Once we get started in a maned to check out, and I realized she looked at him. He was kind, with 6 feet, slim and younger. We sat down and almost every time I saw him undress me and looked at him. I started a little on and decided to have some fun. I was going to drink slowly, but my wife was putting the vodka for juggworld what they wanted out of fashion. I went to the bathroom and wrote a note saying : "I can make you feel like a step, while I am out of the juggworld way. " I left the men returned to the table and told him I was biting out a smokescreen . On the way I dropped the paper in front of him and went to the door. Looking out the window I saw him sit with her and talk. I took my phone and sent him a text "flirt a lot, which I have on. " I had read the text, but seemed a little uncomfortable, so I made my way back home. Almost got up and left, until I realized that I do not care to be there. After a few minutes, I wentabroad and sent another text. " juggworld He loves you, show a little more tit. " She read it and it shows up quickly moved down a bit plump her ample cleavage. When I enter, I was chatting and flirting, her eyes on her breasts. As it happened, I can not reme